Welcome to Christmas on the Hill

Clump of TreesWe have always lit up our home with Christmas lights and had a huge yard display of custom wooden creations. But in 2006 we decided to synchronize the lights to music. Each year we have increased the number of animated channels as well as the number of lights. For the 2009 season we have almost tripled our display from 32 channels to 80 channels. We have also changed our display to have the option of switching between 3 colors (Clear, Red, and Green).

For the 2013 season we have started using RGB pixel nodes. These new lights not only save power, but also lower the number of lights we have to use in our show. For the majority of our display, every string of lights we actually have 3 strings (1 for red, 1 for green, and 1 for white). With the new pixel nodes each node has 3 mini led lights build in to each one (a red, green and a blue led). This allows us to mix the three led colors to make any color in the rainbow and show pictures, videos and animations on our new LED RGB display board, the Coro Candy Canes and new in 2014 we added 6 arches.